About Us

About us:

Well in order to tell you in full about what DINO is , We would have to publish a novel, so we will give you the short version. We are a company that really enjoys music, gaming and audio. DINO is on a mission to build one of the greatest companies in history. We believe that the mind and soul have such a strong connection to music, gaming  and sound that it can completely re-construct who we are as people.

Gaming helps to develop creation and strategy through life. Music enables us to become who we choose. Music speaks to our souls helping us to create our own unique attitude and persona. Music can motivate us, push us forward, and help us reach new heights. Together we want to bring music and gaming closer than they ever have been. We believe in the process. We can help to evolve a new culture and bring everyone together through sound. We believe that this will Illuminate the Mind by sending energy from our thoughts which in return will Power our Soul to become something great. It will create a better athlete, student, strengthen our gaming abilities, enhance our creativity, and so much more through the products we create. We believe that we want our products to be Tough, Dino Tough.

The reason we used Dino is because the most amazing and toughest creatures in history we could think of to show strength were our very own Dinosaurs. It took a major cataclysmic event to destroy something so tough. The name Dino stands for how strong we can be against ALL odds and we want this to travel through all of our high end products that will help bring our inner strength. All of this combined will create a force from our minds that will power our souls to unleash our inner beast.Together we will be Dino Tough.



We Would like to also give a special thank you for purchasing our products

and supporting our mission. Thank you and we hope you enjoy our products

as much as we do as they are all a piece of who we are.